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Experiential marketing is a marketing technique that aims to connect with a consumer on many levels at the same time – allowing the consumer to ‘experience’ the product or service.

While traditional marketing channels communicate through sight or sound, only experiential marketing can utilize all the senses - sight, sound, smell, taste and touch. This combined approach creates an emotional bond with the consumer. Additionally, as consumers are choosing to connect with the marketing, they quickly establish a trusting relationship with the brand.

Car dealers have always known the importance of encouraging a potential buyer to sit in the car and experience the ‘new car’ smell and feel. Many buyers find car showrooms intimidating however, so dealers are now creating opportunities in shopping malls for consumers to experience the cars in an environment they find more comfortable. This is experiential marketing – identify a location where your target market will be open to engaging with you, and create an unforgettable experience for them.

Experiential marketing works. We have personally arranged many shopping mall promotions for car dealers, builders, travel agents and FMCG companies that have resulted in them actually selling cars, houses, holidays and products – not in their shops but right there in the mall promotion!

Some promotions seek to sell products, others to give away samples, others to demonstrate appliances or software and others to collect sales leads. Have a look at our Case Studies for some examples.

SpaceandPeople have booked thousands of experiential marketing activities and we can share our experience with you. If you are interested in exploring this option for your brand, please give our team a call on 022 4200 5678.

Case Studies

We have booked thousands of successful promotions across four different countries. Get an inside look at some of our bookings.

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