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A Retail Merchandising Unit or RMU is an exciting low-cost and low-risk way to sell your products. SpaceandPeople RMUs are beautifully designed modules incorporating shelving, hanging space, cupboards, lighting, signage, storage, internet connection and cash draw.

By leasing an RMU, a retailer can gain the advantages of a prime mall location without any shop investment or long term commitment. These advantages include exposure to established footfalls, A, B and C demographic customers who are already focussed on shopping, and the benefits of the mall’s own marketing efforts.

Each retailer’s lease is customised to their individual requirements, such as budget, product type, customer demographic sought and length of lease. As no initial investment is required on the part of the retailer, RMUs are a great way to test the market for a new product. RMUs are ideal for handmade crafts, impulse items, special gift items, packaging and festival themed items.

SpaceandPeople have helped many new retailers to book their first RMU and we can share our experience with you. For more information, please give our team a call on 022 4200 5678.

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We have booked thousands of successful promotions across four different countries. Get an inside look at some of our bookings.

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